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Preload Station

    Increase your per hour productivity with this innovative and time saving system for your Sakurai Printing line.    The Feeder Pre-load system allows a stack of substrate to be moved into position immediately following a finished stack of substrate. No more waiting to reload the feeder. This system will allow the material to be […]

Palletized Kits

The Optional Palletized Kit allows your operator to increase the productivity, by cutting down load times. By removing the factory wooden board and adding a steel plate. You can now load your skids of substrate directly into the feeder. This Eliminates the time consuming task of hand loading substrates.     The Custom Palletized Kit […]

High Pile Kit

Custom “High Pile Kit” Raise ANY model press 300 mm to match your offset press load for load. Combined with a Palletized Kit and preload system to increase production.           – Adds 300 mm (12 inches) of pile height – Faster load times and 12″ of more stock for longer run […]


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