Double Maestro 102AII

Double Maestro 102AII

Two Color Maestro Line
Fully Automatic Two Color Stop Cylinder. Double your production with two colors per cycle.

Model: DMS-102AII
Max. stock size (mm) 1,050 X 750(41 1/2 X 29 5/8″)
Min. stock size (mm) 560 X 350(22 1/8 X 13 7/8″)
Max. print size (mm) 0.1 – 0.8(0.004 – 0.032″)
Running Spead (IPH) 400 – 2,000
External frame size (mm) 1,300 X 1,170(51 3/8 X 46 1/8″)1,280 X 1,140 (Option)(50 1/2 X 45″)
UV lamp output (W/cm) Max 120
UV dryer belt speed (m/min) 5-50
Dimensions (D x W x H)(mm) 16,370 X 3,080 X 1,525(53’10 1/8″ X 10’1 5/8″ X 5′ 1/4″)
Power (kW) 130

Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
Rear pick-up feeder Front pick-up feeder
Pull/push convertible side lays (with detecting sensor) Dripless squeegee
Cylinder built-in front lay sensor Anti-static devices
Side lay sensor Ultra sonic double sheet detector
Screen frame pneumatic lock clamp Cleaning roller unit
Screen frame pull-out device Cross over stand
Temporary stop quick adjustment device Ink-supply device
Rebound stopper (Feeder / delivery side) Movable rebound stopper (delivery side)
Embossing finish stainless plate in feed board High pile version
Suction feed belt
Delivery board lowering system





Chris Brown: 440-339-5853 Bobby Longendyke: 614-638-9027Raymond Ponce: 562-922-1435 (Bilingual/Spanish)

Armando Maldonado: 626-679-5351 (Bilingual/Spanish)

Gail Hughes: 614-365-1518
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