Jumbo Maestro
Largest Automatic Cylinder Screen Press in the world.

1,620 x 1,220 (mm)

Contact: Chris Brown: 440-339-5853 for a quote, today!.

Model: JMS162A
Max. stock size (mm) 1,620 X 1,220(64 X 48 1/8″)
Min. stock size (mm) 1,020 X 720(40 1/4 X 28 3/8″)
Max. print size (mm) 1,620 X 1,200(64 X 47 3/8″)
Running speed (IPH) 500 – 1,500
Dimensions (D x W x H)(mm) 5,880 X 3,930 X 1,650(232 1/8 X 155 1/8 X 65 1/8″)
Weight (kg) 9,500 (20,950lbs)
Power (kW) 13.75

Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
Automatic stream feeder Front pick-up feeder with belt slow down
Double feed pile board Static electricity reducer
Quick plate clamp Cross – over stand
Inverter control speed Front side lay sensor
Emergency manual turning handle Double sheet detector
Bearing type pull side lay Hickey picker roller unit (sensor type)
Sheet detector Thick stock rebound stopper
Vacuum feedboard Push side guide
Delivery board lowering system Preset counter





Chris Brown: 440-339-5853 Bobby Longendyke: 614-638-9027Raymond Ponce: 562-922-1435 (Bilingual/Spanish)

Armando Maldonado: 626-679-5351 (Bilingual/Spanish)

Gail Hughes: 614-365-1518
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