Palletized Kits

The Optional Palletized Kit allows your operator to increase the productivity, by cutting down load times.

By removing the factory wooden board and adding a steel plate. You can now load your skids of substrate directly into the feeder.

This Eliminates the time consuming task of hand loading substrates.



The Custom Palletized Kit allows the operator to load the press with a pallet-jack. Utilizing your set-up time, which in turn means more sheets per hour for production.

Combined with the Custom High Pile Kit and Pre-Load System will keep your press running virtually nonstop.


Custom Palletized Feeder on a DS48 Stacker


Custom Palletized Feeder on a SC102AII


Custom Palletized Feeder on a DS48 Stacker





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Armando Maldonado: 626-679-5351 (Bilingual/Spanish)

Gail Hughes: 614-365-1518
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