Preload Station

    Increase your per hour productivity with this innovative and time saving system for your Sakurai Printing line.

   The Feeder Pre-load system allows a stack of substrate to be moved into position immediately following a finished stack of substrate. No more waiting to reload the feeder. This system will allow the material to be printed or coated without losing valuable production time due to material handling.



The Feeder Pre-load System allows the the operator to have the material ready and in line for processing immediately after the previous stack has been processed. This system will make material handling problems a thing of the past. The kit can be installed by your staff following our instructions or by a qualified service technician, at reasonable rates.

The retrofit is easily adaptable to all models of Sakurai Cylinder Presses. It only takes 1 – 2 days for installation, so save time and frustration with this versatile and cost saving conversion.


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Preload Station





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