Press Rebuilding

Press Rebuilding

before-after Sanjo Sales and Service offers complete screen press refurbishing. Contact us today and ask how Sanjo can provide you with this cost-effective solution for your business.
Crush Roller Assembly Crush Roller Assembly

If you have a UV coating line you will need a crush roller assembly added to your press. This addition will dramatically reduce the spray powder from sticking to your substrates, causing uneven coating or burn spots from the UV lamp. The crush roller does what it sounds like; it applies pressure to your substrate so it will ensure only the best UV coat available. So if your coating job isn’t consistent with the quality you deserve, then contact us today.

Replacement Cylinder Jacket Assembly Replacement Cylinder Jacket Assembly

Is your cylinder jacket worn, scored, nicked or not performing to your standards? We will replace your existing cylinder jacket assembly with a factory refurbished unit. (Cylinder jackets have been replaced with stainless steel jackets, and remounted onto refurbished cylinder assemblies,) Because our cylinder jacket has been machine ground to +/- 0.001”. The new jacket will improve the quality of print jobs and will eliminate any defects on the cylinder jacket that exists. The new cylinder will increase the life of the press and maintain the high quality that Sakurai presses are known for. Replacement cylinders are available for all Sakurai cylinder presses. Contact us today for details.





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