Sakurai MF-80


Flat Bed Press (Manual/Automatic Feed)
This Press can be fully automatic when the feeder is attached. Capable of printing on a 100-micron film to corrugated paper.

Model: MF-80
Max. stock size (mm) 800 X 600(31 5/8 X 23 5/8″)
Min. stock size (mm) 350 X 270(13 7/8 X 10 5/8″)
Max. print size (mm) 800 X 585(31 5/8 X 23 1/8″)
Running speed (IPH) 1,000
Stock thickness (mm) 0.1 – 3(0.004 – 0.12″)
External frame size (mm) 1,100 X 1,000(43 3/8 X 39 1/2″)
Dimensions(D x W x H)(mm) 2,918 X 1,330 X 1,260(202 1/4 X 63 1/8 X 54 3/4″)
Weight (kg) 2,300
Power (kW) 7.75

Automatic screen frame return to horizontalpositionBelt speed slow down device

Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
Detachable feeder Ink scraping return system
Gripper unit for substrate transportation Cross-over stand
Pneumatic screen plate lock system Static electricity reducer
Inverter control speed Hickey picker roller unit
Air squeegee Push guide (for thick substrate)
Bearing type pull side lay Delivery fans
Front lay sensor Digital indicator
Auto mode Two stroke printing system
Sheet detector Double sheet detector (mechanical & electronic)






Chris Brown: 440-339-5853 Bobby Longendyke: 614-638-9027

Raymond Ponce: 562-922-1435 (Bilingual/Spanish)

Armando Maldonado: 626-679-5351 (Bilingual/Spanish)

Gail Hughes: 614-365-1518
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